Nu Skin’s Eight Characteristic 2

“All of the Good, None of the Bad”

I explained the first characteristic of the Nu Skin products on last post. Today, I will introduce the second characteristic of the Nu Skin.

How much do you know about the functional skin care products?

Do you have any idea how much percentage of the Key ingredients are in the functional skin care products?

I will give you some example how the different toners are named after manufactured.

Whitening Toner means there is 20% of whitening functional ingredient in the bottle of the Toner.

Moisture Toner means there is 20% of moisturizing functional ingredient in the bottle of  the Toner.

So to make the one bottle of toner, it needs something to fill up the rest of the 80% of the bottle. This is called “Filler”.

Most of skin care products in the market are based on the mineral oil filler product. Mineral oil comes from the oil. It has no color and no fragrance and cheap. That is why it is used as filler for the cosmetic products.

People can not feel anything while using the mineral based oil products. But it accumulated on our skin and it will show something later after long term use.

This is all related to the first characteristic of the Nu Skin. As I mentioned about the side effects of mineral oil moisturizer, people will start to feel something different once they start to use the Nu Skin products compared to other brands products.

Nu Skin is using Aloe Vera as filler for their product. They are all water based. Do you know that human body fills with 70% of water?

I can have a little experiment with the Creamy cleansing lotion, one of the famous product at Nu Skin as cleansing.

The creamy cleansing lotion can be used by make up remover but we can use it as moisturizer pack on the face.

It is about 150ml size. If I put it on my face a lot, I meant my face turned white color because I really put it a lot. I leave it there and I do something what I want. After 30 min, if I check my face on the mirror, I see it is all absorbed. Then I put more and more again to make my face white. If I check it again about an hour later, it gets absorbed all again.

If I am doing it over and over again until I finish whole 150ml bottle, it is totally absorbed on my face.

what this show is that water based product is absorbed very well because it is same as our body(water based).


It is just like you are pouring water to the cup with water inside.

Aloe Vera(water based) filler is the second characteristic of the Nu Skin.