Nu Skin’s Eight Characteristic

“All of the Good, None of the Bad”

From today, I would like to introduce the eight characteristic of Nu Skin products.

I will explain each of characteristic every day to help you understand about Nu Skin products.

  1. Encourage of natural moisture supplying

Do you know which is the biggest organ in the human body?

Yes, it is the skin. Our whole body is covered by the skin and it is the first protection for our body. The water and the oil can not be mixed together without helper but they can be together without helper on the skin where the only place that happens. Our skin produces the sweat and oil together to make its own natural protection. This is how our body gets protected by the skin from the outside toxins and germs.

Most of skin care products in the market are made with mineral oil. Mineral oil covers our skin and forced our skin not to lose it’s own moisture.

It is not only block the moisture out from the skin but also block the air way for our skin breathing.

In addition, it prevent the natural removal of dead skins so the ability of our skin generation gets diminished.

The funny thing is this mineral oil attracts the dust or dirt from the air so  it contaminates our skin more effectively.

However, Nu Skin found that there is natural moisturizer element on our skin as itself. So Nu Skin choose the natural way to moisturize the skin to maintain the moisture at the right level on the skin. This way is helping our skin do their own work as the first protection by its own way.

The most representative element of Nu Skin, NaPCA is attracts the 4 molecules of water  in the air to give more moisture on the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, one of the ingredients in the Nu skin products grabs more than 1000 times of the moisture on it.

This is the first characteristic of Nu Skin products.