Eczema treatment with Nu Skin

I would like to give you some tips to treat eczema with Nu Skin products.

First key is using Slightly acidic cleanser for your skin.

Body Bar

Body bar is soap free cleanser for head to toe from Nu skin. It doesn’t have chemical surfactant so it doesn’t make a lot of foaming like regular soaps. But natural ingredient are working like surfactant to clean your skin.

 Second key is giving your skin enough moisturizer.

    1. NaPCA Moisture Mist – use the mist anytime and anywhere whenever you feel dry on your skin. NaPCA means it grabs four moisture molecules from the air when you spary it. So it gives you more moisturizer compared to mist from other brands.
    2. Enhancer (Skin conditioning gel) – concentration of Aloe vera. It soothe the irritated skin and rash.
    3. Perennial(Intense body moisturizer) – for body use.

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