Eczema treatment with Nu Skin

I would like to give you some tips to treat eczema with Nu Skin products. First key is using Slightly acidic cleanser for your skin. Body bar is soap free cleanser for head to toe from Nu skin. It doesn't have chemical surfactant so it doesn't make a lot of foaming like regular soaps. But … Continue reading Eczema treatment with Nu Skin


Eczema- Atopic Dermatitis

I have four children and they all have Eczema condition on their skin. And the condition is getting worse if their skin gets dryer. Also some of my friends have Eczema, too. This is why I am so curious about the Eczema. Here is some information about Eczema that I got after research. Eczema is … Continue reading Eczema- Atopic Dermatitis